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Model all the things…

In my previous organisation I delivered a basic but functional baseline architecture for the enterprise.  It didn’t go down into a vast amount of detail, but it was robust enough to use with stakeholders to highlight the complexity of the… Continue Reading →

Basic ArchiMate 3.0 Implementation Pattern

Having now sat down and consumed fair swathes of the ArchiMate resources out on the internet, I’ve settled on the following pattern that I think models most of my needs.  I shall share it here so others can either critique,… Continue Reading →

ArchiMate modelling for beginners

“You can’t edit a blank page.” It was advice given to me by a writer friend, and it’s just as useful in this context too. In a previous role I got so wound up in wanting to make sure I… Continue Reading →

Approaching ArchiMate

I posted previously about some success I’ve achieved with ArchiMate 3, Archi and some clever plugins.  From a technical level I believe it’s worked well, but I wanted to cover how I’ve been using the tool to build up knowledge… Continue Reading →

Archi and ArchiMate 3.0

In the last month I have been attempting to deliver a baseline architecture into my organisation (before I move on to pastures new).  They didn’t have any suitable tooling, or standards in place, so I decided upon ArchiMate 3.0 and… Continue Reading →

A Visual Vocabulary

I work with pictures. That is to say I doodle, both out of boredom in meetings and for scribbling down ideas.  Several moons ago I attended a fantastic talk by ImageThink which covered the benefits of doodling in meetings and events, as… Continue Reading →

The Truth Is Out There

Crop Circles, man made hoax or alien landing strips! In this case, neither, more a useful diagrammatic structure to describe the ADM!  That is the Architecture Development Method. The core of TOGAF, and, the bit that I have the least… Continue Reading →

A compendium of sorts

Enterprise Architecture is a dense subject to get into.  Looking into the TOGAF framework can be a daunting prospect.  When I started trying to dip my toe into the murky waters of TOGAF I looked for resources which could help guide… Continue Reading →

Architectural Practice

I have been asked to set up an “Architectural Practice” at work, and, although I tend to see writing a blog as bordering on “A Beautiful Mind”, I figure, why not keep a log of the process and experience along… Continue Reading →

Send Google Form data as an Email on submission

Google Docs includes a great tool for customer feedback, survey’s and request forms in the Google Forms functionality. When data is submitted into the form, a new row of results is added to the corresponding Google Spreadsheet. The default functionality… Continue Reading →

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