After the sheer amount of different presentation topics of yesterday, today was a far more focused affair.

The day began with an interesting talk on Agile development methodologies (yet again). The different aspect of this presentation, was that it was more focused on the social skills needed in a team in order to work in an iterative, collaborative manner. His main point seemed to be to focus on what you as a team are good at, and making sure that your energies go into that, rather than inventive spin and lies or excuses as to why performance wasn’t what it should have been.

The rest of the day I spent in the “SOA, REST and the Web” track. Having now finally grasped the concept of REST services, I want to go back and rewrite all the web services I’ve already built. Whereas traditional “Web Services” focus on defining specific interfaces and APIs which must be continually maintained, so that if the back end is changed, the consumers of that service must be updated, REST utilises the standard operations of HTTP;

  • GET
  • PUT
  • POST

By using these methods, any HTTP client can now consume your service, the services is identified by a URI which describes the resource, eg; would return all orders from 2007. The resources returned can then be defined as a MIME type, the same data could be represented by an Excel spreadsheet, and HTML table or a JPEG graph, all from the same GET request, just with different clients in the Header.

Much of the day repeated these concepts of REST.