Better late than never…

With a change to the format of the previous days, Friday just ran straight to the different tracks.  Out of interest in the “Architecture You’ve Always Wondered About” track I checked out the Introduction.

Deciding that I’d had enough SOA knowledge, I stuck around the Architecture track and listened to the eBay presentation.  A really interesting look at how they design a flexible architecture that allows for their systems to scale with the traffic going to the eBay site, and still enable them to roll out new code releases ever couple of weeks.  They work on four basic principles;

  1. Partition Everything
  2. Async Everywhere
  3. Automate Everything
  4. Remember Everything Fails

The main enabler of this architecture is their dedication to keep it as stateless as possible.  The only time they use a session is the process by which a user creates an auction on the site through a multi-page wizard style interface.

After the eBay presentation, I wandered over to the Solution track to check out the testing framework for the Spring platform.  Basically it creates a wrapper around JUnit 3.8, 4.0 or TestNG that lets you “wire up” an application through Spring configuration and Java 5 annotations.

The rest of the day was dedicated to JavaScript, with a presentation on the Google Web Toolkit, an excellent AJAX platform for writing applications, and finally jQuery.