Crop Circles, man made hoax or alien landing strips!

In this case, neither, more a useful diagrammatic structure to describe the ADM!  That is the Architecture Development Method.

The core of TOGAF, and, the bit that I have the least trouble with is the method by which an Enterprise Architecture team can deliver work, be that ground breaking new architectures that deliver on Enterprise wide new strategies, or the delivery of a small work package.

At least with this I can recite the damn thing from memory.

After an initial “Preliminary Phase” the ADM is split into eight separate phases, each one building on the output of the last, surrounding the heart of “Requirements Management”, to deliver a robust and complete solution.

A) Architecture Vision
B) Business Architecture
C) Information Systems Architecture
D) Technical Architecture
E) Opportunities and Solutions
F) Migration Planning
G) Implementation Governance
H) Architectural Change Management

In the future, I’ll write a post to cover each part of the process, my take on the deliverables, and how I hope to “trim” the process to create a TOGAFlite(tm) for my organisation.

I want to believe.