I work with pictures.

That is to say I doodle, both out of boredom in meetings and for scribbling down ideas.  Several moons ago I attended a fantastic talk by ImageThink which covered the benefits of doodling in meetings and events, as a way to engage the visual areas of your brain and aid in memory.

Part of the role of an Enterprise Architect is to straddle the divide between “the business” and “IT” (or “Them” and “Us”).  In order to effectively communicate the inherent complexity of the technical systems supporting an organisation, and the business processes which are the core value of the business.  I achieve this with pictures.

What can start as a vague scribbling in my notepad, goes through a few iterations in Google Draw and is eventually used to walk through a solution with stakeholders.  As I learn more about TOGAF, I have been looking to make use of Archimate as a defined visual language.


Archimate MetaModel

The Archimate meta model closely resembles the tiered approach to architecture defined by TOGAF, Business, Data, Application and Technology.  This alignment assists in creating a consistent approach to architecture.

As with TOGAF, there are many resources out there which discuss how best to use Archimate as a modelling tool.

I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.