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The Lomo Tutorial (or a Diana Mini Experiment)

I was lucky enough to receive a Diana Mini for Christmas and it’s reinvigorated my photography some what. After the clean and crisp world of digital photography, lomography (or lomo for short) has been a breath of fresh air.  I… Continue reading →

Long time, no update

It appears that there may have been some time between my last update and today! I could go back to the numerous “draft” posts to knock them in to some semblance of shape, or I could blitz through some highlights… Continue reading →

Canon 7d

I finally succumbed and decided to upgrade! I’ve had a Canon 400d for a couple of years now, and the old girl has done me proud, but I now find that it’s time to move on. Next year I’m off… Continue reading →

Brighton Zombie Walk 2010

Brighton Zombie Walk 2010, originally uploaded by smileham. Another year rolls by and it’s the Brighton Zombie Walk again! Zombie Hundreds must’ve shown up for the shamble down from Brighton station to the sea front. From the truly terrifying to… Continue reading →

Tumble weed

I recently stumbled upon tumblr. I’ve known of it’s existence for ages, but couldn’t really find a use for it. I’ve now set it up as a “photo blog” with the aim of posting a photo a day from my… Continue reading →

Paddle Round the Pier

Paddle Round the Pier 1 – Winner, originally uploaded by smileham. It was Paddle Round the Pier last weekend. You’ve gotta love Brighton for making a mini festival out of something that probably started with students paddling on a kitchen… Continue reading →

The Carousel

The Carousel, originally uploaded by smileham. The Carousel – Original. I’ve been playing with Lightroom 3, some of the functionality it gives you is fantastic. This is a picture that I took out with Nicky on the beach a couple… Continue reading →


Poppies (5 of 5).jpg, originally uploaded by smileham. The last of the poppies this year. Graham and I had wanted to find a fuller field, but it looks like we may have left it a little late. There were only… Continue reading →

France Holiday

France Holiday Steve’s Photo’s (335 of 451).jpg, originally uploaded by smileham. A four day break away in the middle of France, fantastic. The trip out there on National Express and Ryan Air, less so. Farm House It was great to… Continue reading →

Stand and Deliver

The first session of my Fantasy Craft game kicked off today. It’s been a couple of years since I was last “behind the screen” so to speak, so I’ve been a bit nervous as to how it would all go…. Continue reading →

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